Afra Center Roadside Car Wash and car service


If you're one of the travelers or drivers passing through the roads of Bandar-e Gaz, Afra Center roadside car wash is here to ensure your vehicle is in its best condition for the journey ahead.


Why Choose Afra Center?


Quality Car Wash: Afra Center provide you with state-of-the-art equipment and a team of professionals to ensure your vehicle gets a thorough and quality wash.


Skilled Staff: Afra Center dedicated staff is committed to making your car spotless and ensuring every detail is attended to.


Speed and Efficiency: Afra Center guarantee a quick yet efficient car wash so you can continue your journey without delay.


Comfortable Waiting Area: While you wait for your vehicle in Afra Center, you can relax in our comfortable waiting area with cozy seating and additional amenities.


Convenient Location: Afra Center car wash and car services are strategically located for easy access on the roads of Bandar-e Gaz, ensuring you can get your car cleaned and safe without hassle.


A Clean and safe Car, a Beautiful Journey.


Afra Center understand that every traveler and driver need a clean, safe and sparkling vehicle. Afra Center Car Wash and car services are committed to making your journey a more pleasant and enjoyable experience. Join us, and set off on your endless journey with a spotless car.